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After hot weather earlier in the year, air conditioners have surely done their fair share of hard work. But is it time for them to really have a well needed rest? Well that answer depends on the level of comfort needed by your staff, customers or patients and the list goes on. So the answer is probably a big no, but what do you need to do for your hard working machines?

Getting your air conditioner serviced is the best way to prevent any lag of air comfort and above all this will help keep the air temperature optimal for a healthy working environment.

As commercial systems are tailored for more complex use, maintenance is higher compared to residential air conditioning units. Commercial air conditioning units need more highly-skilled technicians to ensure accurate installation, maintenance and repairs.

Some of the benefits of a proper air conditioning service are:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Reliable temperature
  • Promotes comfort
  • Saves costly repairs

At Equilibrium, our technicians are in constant communication with our expert mechanical engineers and management team to ensure maintenance solutions are comprehensive and sensitive to the client’s budget and operational specifications.

Highly qualified, our service technicians are trained in, and fully conversant with, all mechanical, refrigeration and ventilation systems. We are authorised by ARCtick.

Our experienced technicians are on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a reliable service that ensures your workplace is safe and comfortable.


Phone: (02) 9439 4822 OR After hours Phone: 0422 446 088 (5pm – 6am)

Email: service@eqac.com.au