Equilibrium Air Conditioning Covid 19


As the COVID 19 Crisis emerged, the whole of Australia and the world was coming to terms with the situation. As the world has had to adapt to new ways of doing business, Equilibrium Air Conditioning has been taking the situation very seriously and is putting new policies and procedures in place to keep everyone safe. Some of the things we are doing as an organisation:

  • Social distancing on site
  • Masks and gloves on site
  • Working from home – those employees that are able to work from home (using video conferencing for meetings and other means of technology)
  • We are using “whatsapp” on sites for getting information to workers on various projects i.e. pre-starts and toolboxes to prevent gatherings of staff and subcontractors.
  • Regular updates and reminders via email
  • Minimise the number of employees working in the two offices – they are spread out
  • For those working in the office we have set up three hand sanitiser stations
  • Increased the number of days the offices are cleaned

If you are needing some information about COVID 19 & support, please logon to the Australian department of Health website –  https://headtohealth.gov.au/covid-19-support/covid-19

From everyone at Equilibrium Air Conditioning we hope that you all stay safe and help our great National overcome this crisis as soon as possible.